Hi, my name is Mikio L. Braun and I’m currently an independent consultant working to help companies and people put Machine Learning into production.

Previously, I have worked in both management and individual contributor roles at GetYourGuide and at Zalando. I’ve worked in many different settings related to Machine Learning and Data Science, for example, being the Delivery Lead for the teams that build the recommendation and search services at Zalando, or as an architect on a ML platform team.

Before joining Zalando I was a PostDoc in Machine Learning at TU Berlin (heck, I’m even a co-author on a deep learning paper!), and had a “startup on the side” called streamdrill on real-time data analysis.

I’ve always been interested in the whole range of tasks related to solving problems, from the math and theory down to actually building the whole thing and making it run. Although I have worked on pretty theoretical stuff, as well as very practical stuff, I really like to work on things which combine both, ideally concrete problems which contain some real technical challenges.

I’ve written the previous paragraph years ago, and it is interesting that I now realize that I further expanded this range to people management, techincal leadership, AI strategy, and so on.



  • jblas — Fast matrix library for Java.
  • streamdrill-core — core of the technology developed at streamdrill. Fast approximate trending and counting.

Old Projects

  • streamdrill — Realtime data analysis
  • mloss — Community site for machine learning open source software.
  • mldata — Community site for machine learning data sets.